Sandy Hook Tour

The Best Way to See the Jersey Shore

The Sandy Hook Tour

Sandy Hook is a hidden gem. Join us on this tour of Sandy Hook and its beautiful surrounding areas. Ride along the coastal trails and see historic military ruins with incredible views of NYC that will take your breath away! This is an excellent way to get out and explore one of New Jersey’s most beautiful locations!



Tour Starts Here:

3 Hours

$99 USD

Sandy Hook

Ride the Scenic Shores of Historic Sandy Hook

Embark on an unforgettable journey along the scenic shores of historic Sandy Hook, NJ. Get ready to immerse yourself in this coastal gem’s natural beauty, rich history, and captivating charm. With our electric bikes as your trusty steeds, you’ll breeze through miles of picturesque landscapes, taking in breathtaking ocean views, sandy beaches, and lush dunes. 

Discover hidden coves, stop at scenic overlooks, and soak the sun on pristine sandy beaches. Watch for wildlife as you pedal through the diverse ecosystems that call Sandy Hook home. From graceful shorebirds to playful dolphins, the natural wonders of this area are sure to captivate your senses.